7 Habits Of Highly Paid Healers…#3…First Things First…

Hello Sunshine!… Do you need a reason…to justify… self-care?… Don’t all sensitive…kind…compassionate women…need a good reason… to love themselves?… I’ve been there…and found the key… you know you want it…right?… feel guilty about having it…ugh… need it desperately…feel like you’re falling apart?… but feel it’s a luxury… it’s not…here’s how to convince yourself… and get the […]

Are Disease and Stuck Emotions Connected?

By Rita Hickman, LMT, BS, MA In the 1980’s I remember watching Grease and listening to Madonna. To me, they were both about breaking free from the past and living life on your own terms. Who didn’t want to be Sandy? And Madonna, well, she was a secret fantasy of how life could be if […]


Body/Mind Coaching Specials Ends Sept. 30! If you’re a woman ready to grow into a joyful, new reality, no matter your past, Body~Mind Coaching is for you! Really, it works. Dissolve your triggers, evolve and be fearlessly alive. Based on Duval Healing Therapy, you go to the heart of your challenge by relaxing, releasing, re-framing […]

Top 10 Body/Mind Tools for Stressed Out Young Women

I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being…Maya Angelou All women have the dream of becoming someone great. If you’re a mature mother, daughter or partner, you probably look back on the things you wish you had learned, the support you […]

Winter Specials

  TWO WINTER SPECIALS FOR WOMEN: 1. Shiatsu Massages: Buy 3 get the 4th free @$100/apiece! ($300 for 4 massages or TACH appts) These are transferable to any woman you’d like so break them up between you, your family and friends or save them for when you really need them! 2. A massage or TACH […]

The Gift of Choice

I was asked to write a guest post on the Gift of the Empress. Based on tarot, what gift does “The Empress” give to women that makes them great. Here is my response. As a young woman from a Catholic background, I was taught “don’t be prideful” and strong religious rules on what a good […]

5 Best Pain Management Tips For The Homebound

Pain appears for a variety of reasons. If someone is homebound, it’s more difficult for them to get their pain needs met. As a Caregiver, here are my top 5 ways to ease or deal with the cause of homebound discomfort. 1. Rub their feet, hands, head or face. You are not only rubbing lots […]

Were It Not For The Mountains…

    Walking without intent, yet full of purpose.   My breath moves the shadows on this day of reflection.   Changes come when you are ready to satisfy their needs.   Fragrant thoughts draw me to no conclusions for I see no need for an end.   My life is, that’s all, it just […]

Wed. Nov. 20, 6-9pm

TACH Body/Mind Class (Touch Assists Compassionate Healing)   When: Wed. Nov. 20, 6-9pm Where: InSpire- 100 N. Walkup, Crystal Lake, IL Cost: Free (Donations accepted. Living Naturally Event) What to bring: Comfortable clothes. Snacks for the group. Very limited space: RSVP to rhickman@inspiremassage.com     TACH, a form of subtle energy work, blends Asian, Indian […]

Guitars Cry…

    Think of the years before we met   seas we hadn’t sailed yet     With broken hearts   we buried more than most    Guitars cry wherever we go     Seeds were sown, life seemed good    Who cared beneath the surface   we were misunderstood     Now as I […]