Change Your Body…Change Your Life

“Shiatsu ¤ Bring Your Body Back To Life.”

There are moments… when it’s time to do something different.  You’ve experienced an illness or change of direction.  You set new goals like  running a marathon, playing with the grand-kids, losing weight. Shiatsu gives you cutting edge information, time-honored body/mind wisdom and long-lasting physical support for feeling better and changing your life.

Relax Your Mind…

Physically, Shiatsu increases circulation, strengthens your immune system and releases tension.  It helps prevent injury and improve performance; relieves stress and promotes healing; releases pain and stiffness. Every session includes dialogue to develop rapport and set goals and additional therapies like vibrational healing, herbal medicines and aromatherapy.

Shiatsu listens and adjusts to your specific needs. Every massage, every time, is customized. Your body is always changing, so must your bodywork.

Shiatsu In Motion

When living your life, your body becomes uncooperative and sore.  You may train, sit a lot or spend the day on your feet.  The movement, stretching and supported positions of a shiatsu massage helps resolve the pain.

Here, the founder of zen shiatsu demonstrates it’s principles.  Therapists uses their whole body and a grounded state of mind to inspire and restore well-being.