How To Get Someone To Change

I Sing to the sadness and the shadows of your heart,it all comes together once its been ripped apart, Shed not a tear for I have not bled without reason,a man without a country cannot commit treason, I hold out a hand to only myself, a self out of reach with each passing season. Dan […]

Open and Honest

“Be harsh…when need be. Be loving, as I think you can be. Just keep walking WITH me. The path behind closes with each step. Take me as deep, high or low as you see fit.”– Daniel King, Rumi-Nations In relationship advice the world over, “open and honest communication” is the hallmark of a good partnership. […]

Life Is A Series Of Moments

Give me one moment, I can give you life, not as one may have imagined, not with mortal thought, touch deeper than flesh could ever allow, a delight of senses real and not of this world, in our moment of eternal connection all else watches and waits. Daniel King, Rumi-Nations The first day of school…. […]

20 Min. Pain Management Meditation. Try it, it really works!

  Physical pain is exhausting and interferes with your work, play and relationships. If you’re like most of America, you silently deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. Whether it’s stress, an old injury or a physical condition, you just need a break. How did people manage before modern medicine? What tools did our […]

Why You Should Let Yourself Be Happy

It seems like our culture is based on fear. Fear that we’re not creative enough, smart enough or a good enough person. For most people, they’re great at looking like they’ve got it all together, but depression and anxiety has risen to epidemic levels in the US, despite our obsession with self-esteem and positive psychology. […]

Looking For A Place To Hide? A Secret To Keeping Your Cool When You’re Uncomfortable

Your boss, “would like to talk to you for a minute”. Your spouse isn’t talking to you at all. It’s 5am and you’re not looking forward to your stressful day. How do you know you’re stressed? You feel slightly queasy, a little hot or cold, your shoulders tense up, maybe your intestines feel weak. How […]

Why Can’t I Be Happy? A Life-Changing Tool To Feel Good About Yourself

Are you one of millions of people who’s life really isn’t that bad? You look around, at lives your ancestors lived or third world countries and think, “I have it all. Why can’t I be happy? What’s wrong with me?” You’ve done counseling, self-help books, holistic tools,  inspirational speakers and they work for awhile. Until […]

Can’t reach your goals? Start Self-Empowering

Are you ready for love? Do you want to break your bad habits? Would you like to feel valuable and important and happy? Help is on the way. You! You’ve probably heard all about positive affirmations by now. Do you remember Saturday Night Live’s “Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy”? “I’m smart enough, good enough, and […]

Having a Rotten Week? Blame The Weather.

This has been a hard week for our country, especially Boston. If you live in the Midwest, you’ve also experienced record amounts of rain and flooding. But is that all that’s made this such a hard week for so many? There’s a little known fact, that seems like magic, that our bodies feel the change […]

Feeling Discouraged As An Introverted Entrepreneur? 3 Tips To Get Back In Your Groove

The key to success is perseverance and personal growth. If you can stick with what you believe in and keep learning life lessons, you’ll find your success. It’s easy though, to let others carelessness and your own sensitive nature keep you from expanding into the world. So how do you work through the disappointment and […]