20 Min. Pain Management Meditation. Try it, it really works!

  Physical pain is exhausting and interferes with your work, play and relationships. If you’re like most of America, you silently deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. Whether it’s stress, an old injury or a physical condition, you just need a break. How did people manage before modern medicine? What tools did our […]

Why You Should Let Yourself Be Happy

It seems like our culture is based on fear. Fear that we’re not creative enough, smart enough or a good enough person. For most people, they’re great at looking like they’ve got it all together, but depression and anxiety has risen to epidemic levels in the US, despite our obsession with self-esteem and positive psychology. […]

Break The Cycle: Feel Good About Your Dysfunctional Family

It’s that time of year when we honor mothers, fathers and graduates. Where you temporarily pretend you’re not angry at past slights and send out flowers, cards, gifts to honor your parents, kids and sundry relatives. Ugh. Most of us fall back on Hallmark and their brethren to express what we’d like to feel about […]

Looking For A Place To Hide? A Secret To Keeping Your Cool When You’re Uncomfortable

Your boss, “would like to talk to you for a minute”. Your spouse isn’t talking to you at all. It’s 5am and you’re not looking forward to your stressful day. How do you know you’re stressed? You feel slightly queasy, a little hot or cold, your shoulders tense up, maybe your intestines feel weak. How […]

Are You Sabotaging Your “Attitude of Gratitude”?

One of the easiest ways to feel good and attract wonderful things into your life is to have an “Attitude of Gratitude”. You’ve probably noticed when you feel grateful, everything gets better and when you feel resentful life is miserable. Irregardless of your actual circumstances. If everyone knows this, why are we one of the […]

“Just” Stop the Lies!

One of my least favorite words in the English language is “just”. Uttered by well-meaning people (me included) it implies an easy answer to a complex situation. Whether you’re trying to solve a work or personal issue, everyone seems to have the right answer. It’s as if having a problem is somehow a problem. I […]

4 Ways (Most People) Can Avoid Years Of Therapy

A client recently commented, “before you, no one ever told me I didn’t need at least 2 years of therapy to fix my problem”. We live in a culture that promotes being a victim. From spiritual gurus to classes to a new toothpaste, we’re encouraged to figure out what’s “wrong” with us and “fix it” […]

What You Can Learn From Mother Teresa

Raised Catholic, I idolized the work of Mother Teresa. She was spirituality, idealized. We were encouraged to be like her in her love and faith. In my 20’s and beyond, I examined everything I knew so I could take responsibility and stop feeling victimized by life. I had lived through more than most at that […]

Why Can’t I Be Happy? A Life-Changing Tool To Feel Good About Yourself

Are you one of millions of people who’s life really isn’t that bad? You look around, at lives your ancestors lived or third world countries and think, “I have it all. Why can’t I be happy? What’s wrong with me?” You’ve done counseling, self-help books, holistic tools,  inspirational speakers and they work for awhile. Until […]

Need a Break? 5 Ways To Justify A Retreat

It’s not so much that you don’t want a break, but how do you justify taking care of yourself when there is so much that needs to be done? Relaxation and personal growth is a great idea, for someone who doesn’t have a million other things to do. How do you get past the feeling […]