Hours and Rates

Hours By Appointment Only


InSpire is unique. At InSpire, we take the time to address both the symptoms and the causes of your issue and give you the information, tools and insight to stay well. Unlike most 50 min. body/energy sessions, your appointment lasts 2-3 hours and combines the science and ancient traditions of body/mind healing. InSpire is more than a massage, it is a powerful experience of connection and transformation.

Every session includes approximately an hour and a half or more of bodywork, an hour and half of wellness coaching, customized aromatherapy (I work with over 40 high end essential oils), customized sound therapy (music, voice and instruments), hand-crafted therapeutic oils and salves, a variety of herbal and/or medicinal teas and tinctures and a relaxation room filled with crystals, cultural medicines, and visual and audio healing tools. We resolve most minor challenges in one visit.

Most therapists or spas charge between $50-$150 for a 50-60 min. hour, not including upcharges, tip and product sales. I charge an all-inclusive sliding scale for a 2-3 hour session, equivalent in quality and customer service to a luxury spa or healing center, at a mutually respectful rate.

Current research shows that 10 weekly sessions followed by monthly visits have the biggest effect on long-term change and well-being. For in-depth issues like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid or osteo-arthritis, injury, anxiety and depression, we suggest a 2-3 month weekly package to get you in a good place and regular monthly visits to help you stay there. Most Asian cultures receive bodywork several times a month to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balance.

Fees, like our lives, vary. I have two sliding scales and a special healing package. I like to use all aspects of an appointment to encourage wellness. Many ancient cultures use payment as part of the healing process to encourage self-reflection and make the work more valuable and effective for the recipient. You are welcome to pay any amount within your sliding scale.

$100-$200 for new or infrequent clients because they generally require more time and energy, lasting 3-4 hrs.

$80-$150 for monthly visits, medical referrals or elderly, special needs or financially challenged, lasting 2-3 hrs.

$50-$100/session for a package of 10 weekly visits, lasting approx. 2 hours each.