What To Expect…

Feel free and open.

Shiatsu looks like…

relaxing physical therapy. Every session starts by comfortably sharing the many facets of your life. I call it Holistic Mentoring. It feels remarkably like coffee with a good friend. Not only do we better understand how we work separately and together, you get a chance to slow down, vent, self-reflect and discover how to live an even better life. Easy conversation and laughter relieves a surprising amount of stress.

Freeing, supported stretches.

We move to a comfortable and wide floor futon and choose the aromatherapy and music for the session. I carry over 40 different oils with me to encourage different states of mind. We choose the music thoughtfully because as you relax, it takes on greater meaning and has a larger impact on your thoughts. Fully clothed, you lay or sit down and I apply different types of massage techniques at intervals along the meridians. The meridian pathways are similar to the Chinese ones. Parts of the massage may feel rhythmic or quiet or unpredictable as I trace the meridians using my fingers, palms, elbows, feet and knees.

Deep, gentle pressure.

I move around your body and may move you by lifting your head or arms, turning or bending your body and stretching your arms, legs and torso to enhance the flow of ki in the meridians. I use gravity and leverage to find a comfortable level of pressure for both of us. I work within a meditative state, focusing on your responses to properly direct the therapy. All shiatsu therapists regularly meditate so they are grounded and present in their work. We may laugh, you may remember life events you’d forgotten or just dream. The easy flow of the work helps release unpleasant body memories and replace them with safe, enjoyable ones.

Loosen your neck, quiet your mind.

In acupressure, I push down and hold specific points on your body. This can break up trigger points, relieve inflammation or increase circulation to muscles, emotions and thought patterns. Many techniques glide across the skin’s surface, shiatsu holds and pushes into a point, letting me work deeper and more specifically. I usually keep two hands on your body; one hand to act as mother and the other as a messenger. In this way, I communicate comfort and reassurance while staying completely connected to your and the session’s energy.

Overall, you can expect to feel looser, relaxed, grounded, more open and energized. Like your favorite version of yourself. Shiatsu works best with a warm shower before the session and loose, comfortable clothing.

Time-honored medicines.

Stone Medicine Looks Like…

a sacred hot stone massage.  As with shiatsu, we take time to connect.  Then, you are welcome to undress to your comfort level and lie on the shiatsu mat.  I practice proper massage draping at all times.

Metaphors for life.

I heat the stones in a 120 degree hot water bath, using my hands to reach in and gather the stones I am using. I gently rub your skin with jojoba oil blended with pure essential oils to help the stones glide.  Stones may lay under, around and on top of you while I massage you with others.

Sometimes I vibrate the stones with a song, drum, or another stone for an electric effect.  Small rituals and traditions quiet your mind and body, helping you feel connected, safe and relaxed. You can expect to feel extremely calm, quiet and tranquil when we are finished.