How To Get 1:1 AND Group Support Every Day for 8 Weeks And Stop Narcissist Abuse FOREVER

There are 6 main reasons women get trapped in narcissistic relationships…

There are 6 main reasons women get trapped in narcissistic relationships…

  • No one believes them, so they are exhausted and alone.
  • She is abandoned and hopeless because the Narcissist swears she’s a liar
  • They are worn out wondering when the next attack will happen
  • They are emotionally hijacked by their rage, pain and helplessness
  • Every time they start to get help, they’re mentally beaten down again
  • The Narcissist trained them to “give in or face the consequences

So I asked my Narcissist Survivor clients and other women healers, “If you could help another woman stop the Narcissistic abuse FOREVER, what would be the fastest, easiest and most loving support we could give them.

We came up with 5 strategies that together, create a warm, safe place for a woman to get her life back from a narcissist.

  • 1
    Every morning a live video shows up in your FB feet to start your day with a positive mindset.
  • 2
    Every week we hold an online Narcissism Survivor Woman’s Circle, a sacred community of friends to explore new ideas and share the love.
  • 3
    Every month you dive deep into a private Narcissism Survivor Mastermind. Group support and 1:1 coaching with me, a world-class Asian Medicine mind/body expert with a 12 year track record of success helping women, just like you, heal from Narcissism Abuse.
  • 4
    Around the clock email and video support with the exact solutions for your unique situation.
  • 5
    Even on the weekends, you belong to a private, warm and SAFE online community of women all learning and supporting each other to STOP THE ABUSE.

See, we know that getting ongoing support can be a HUGE help when dealing with a narcissist and with toxic people generally. And the program we envisioned in our minds would provide it in spades.

We put together what we believe is the most comprehensive, results-producing program available anywhere, at any price, for dealing with and healing from Narcissistic abuse.


The Narcissist Recovery ​Group Coaching Program

We’ve created a "comprehensive program" for those women who see the value in receiving support over time.

You've heard the saying:

Rome wasn't build in a day

It's true.

And most people don't get a handle on narcissists or their abuse in a day either. It takes time.


There's where getting support becomes SUPER helpful.


And that's why we took the time to create our new Group Coaching program.


So let's go through and I'll explain step by step how it works:

Weekly Training

You'll Get Daily Livestreams 

Start your day off right with Livestreams sent directly to YouTube and Facebook Feed with topics like: 

  • Mind/body techniques that allow you to respond, instead of react, to whatever the Narcissist says or does
  • Specific word-for-word phrases that re-direct verbal attacks
  • What to look for when creating a healthy support system of friends and professionals

You’ll get daily messages that inspire you first thing in the morning. Especially when you want a good start to the day.

Weekly Sacred Women Circle

You'll Get Weekly Training...

Get ready to be a part of a live training each and every week, covering important topics like: 

  • Practical "rituals" that release and heal any anger and negative emotional poison around Narcissists
  • Simple steps to set boundaries with Narcissists and other toxic people
  • Daily practices to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem after conflicts with a Narcissist
  • Mindsets to attract and create healthy relationships
  • Strategies to raise healthy children when co-parenting with a Narcissist
  • and more...

You'll learn the specific skills to reclaim your power and start feeling like your normal, confident self again - even if it's been years since you felt that way.

Best of all, you'll get the exact step-by-step instructions on how to turn things around.
These circles will make your growth and transformation as fast and easy as possible.
You can join from your computer or phone, or if you prefer you can call in using your phone and simply listen. It's that easy.

Can't make it in time for the live video? Not a problem. They are all recorded and available to you 24/7 after each live event.

Monthly Private Masterminds

You'll Get Weekly Sacred Women’s Circles...

Each week, after the short training you'll get to ask specific questions you have about your situation.

You'll get answers to every question you have about healing from the abuse and building the skills to handle not only the Narcissist in your life now, but ANY toxic person you may encounter in the future.

Plus - and this is a big plus - you'll get to hear from other women dealing with a Narcissist, the questions they're struggling with, and hear the insightful answers our expert shares.

I can't over-emphasize how valuable this piece is...

Participants find it extremely reassuring and therapeutic to realize they aren't the only ones who are dealing with these same issues. Feeling in your bones, once and for all, that you're not alone and you're not the crazy one... well, it's simply priceless.

Rita in Ceremony

You'll Get Monthly Private Masterminds

There’s nothing like private time, where you can ask any question, and get advice from experts who’ve been in your shoes.

When you add the accumulated wisdom of women who are on your side, you have a Mastermind.

When one or more women come together to listen to and help solve each other’s problems, we call it a Mastermind. The solutions are awe-inspiring and life-changing.

You don’t have to guess anymore what you should do, every month you get 30 minutes or more deep diving into where you’re at, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. With the help of me and the Mastermind.

Having a plan, friends and a coach to hold you accountable means you’ll get things done now instead of waiting until next year.

Guided by Rita Hickman

You'll Get Access To Our Private Facebook Group...

Another vital part of this program is joining a community of friends - women just like you.

We get how powerful connecting with other women can be.

So you'll get unlimited access to a private, members only Facebook group.

This is where you'll get personal access to me and other healers and where you'll get plenty of opportunity to bond with other members in your circle.

You'll Be Guided By Me, A One-of-a-kind Expert With Years Of Experience Successfully Helping Women In Your Situation...

This was one of the most crucial pieces of the puzzle we had to solve when putting together this program....

How to help women like you feel comfortable (and safe) enough to open up their hearts and start healing. So here’s what I bring to the table: 

  • A ton of experience helping women just like you.
  • First hand experience successfully dealing with Narcissists and toxic people in my own life.
  • An insightful, compassionate, strong beacon of light when all seems dark

Because that's exactly who I am. 

Rita Hickman
Rita Hickman

And I want to assure you, this is the help you’ve been looking for. I have 12 years of experience and run a thriving private practice helping women heal from narcissistic abuse as well as PTSD from childhood sexual and physical abuse, alcoholism and other trauma.

Here's what just a few of my clients say about the work we do together:


Heartfelt gratitude for you creating a space where clarity, guidance is offered to many... your posts are daily nurturing vitamins and tools in my toolbox of how to be grounded and be able to respond and not to react to life situations....and exciting part is that I feel it in my heart that I am on my life journey in a space of getting to know myself for the first time and learning to be available to myself...gently, kindly, patiently nurturing way being present with myself.
Thank you Rita, you are making difference in lives of many.

/ Bibiana


Learning about this was amazing. I couldn’t put it into words to even try to explain what was going on. I didn’t know myself. I was at a loss. It feels amazing to get some knowledge. I had lost hope and was expecting to live my life out until my demise. I had become so distraught I told my daughter I couldn’t take any more.
She told me I needed to redo my living room and move in there to have my own space. My husband dominated the tv in the family room. I physically was not able to make the move myself. She came and painted and redid my living room. I got all new furniture, curtains and carpet and my very own tv. I think I can make it now
P.S. I payed for it all my self lol.

/ Marjorie


Thank you everyone for an outstanding group last night.
Rita, you don’t know this, but I actually have terrible fear of speaking in groups online or conference calls and the like. Calling on me to speak was actually the best thing you could have done. I found that being put “on the spot” actually didn’t kill me. Lol! I started to get comfortable with it by the end of the call, and I actually could have talked more, but I wanted to give the others a chance to speak. Thank you again. God bless you.

/ Catherine


Thank you! I really do feel a deeper understanding. Between you and Eckhart Tolle's explanation of the "pain body " the information and understanding is so powerful...life changing! Thank you and Thank you for noticing my path. <3 wow!

/ Chanel

In addition to answering your questions, I’ll also reveal my wisdom on a variety of alternative approaches to help you get the results you're looking for as quickly as possible - including the use of essential oils, energy work, Native American healing modalities, nutrition, meditation, visualization, crystals, sound healing, drumming and much more.

Coming from generations of healers and teachers, I bring a treasure-trove of sage advice and practical guidance. I’m confident you'll love the leadership and perspective.

Question and Answer Live Call Schedule

The calls last about 75 minutes and will happen each week on Tuesdays at the same time.

If you want to ask questions or just watch and listen, it's completely up to you. You're in control.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I can't make a call?

What if I miss a call?

What if I need help right now and don't want to wait for the next call?

Do I have to talk on the calls?

How Much Would Getting This Handled For Good Be Worth To You?

With the 4 different pieces to the program - the weekly video trainings, the weekly Q&A sessions, the private Facebook group, and the live access to our world-class expert - obviously you'd expect such a comprehensive program to cost more than an eBook.

So let's breakdown the value you'll get:



Daily messages of hope


Weekly training videos


Weekly Women’s Circles


Monthly Masterminds


Email support between calls


Around the clock access to the private Facebook group


Total value


Even though it's worth that much - perhaps much more - we simply wouldn't feel right charging that amount.

We wanted to allow motivated women to get access to this program at a reasonable price.

So your investment for the complete program- the most comprehensive and supportive program that we know of anywhere for breaking free of a Narcissist's hold - get it

for only $100/month

But to make it even more affordable we've come up

with something you might really like...

You may also get this program for

only $500 for 6 months

For less than the cost of one trip to a therapist, you'll get around the clock customized support, question and answer sessions, Sacred Women’s Circles, Masterminds, videos, and access to other women going through the same thing you are.

Inspire Massage Guarantee Seal

Our Ironclad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the entire program. Watch all the videos and listen to the calls. Access the private Facebook group. If you don't agree this is the best investment you've ever made in yourself and your well-being...

...we'll give you a full 100% refund. Yes, we'll give you all of your money back even after you've gone through the entire course. Just let us know within 60 days.

That's how confident we are you'll find this program to be enriching and helpful beyond words.

We know some people may be tempted to take advantage of our guarantee and ask for their money back even though they received tremendous value from the program.

But again, we're so confident you'll be elated with the changes you see in your life, we're willing to take the risk.

Just Click The "Yes! Add To My Order" Button...

Once you click the button, just enter your information on the next page. It's as simple as that.

You'll get an email in 5 minutes with all the details about the weekly calls, the private Facebook group, etc.

You can even jump in right away and watch the previous training videos.

This is the most comprehensive, customized program available anywhere to handle narcissists and their abuse. And we hope you join us - the next call is happening soon.

Click the "Add To My Order" button below and get this one-of-a-kind 8-week program for just

$100/month or

$500 for 6 months

Inspire Massage Guarantee Seal

Get Instant Access. Available 24/7

PS: (Remember, with our guarantee you've got nothing to lose. You can always get your money back if you're unhappy for any reason. If you feel it's right for you, go ahead and click the "Add To My Order" button above to join us.)

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