You Can Stop A Narcissist's Abuse FOREVER
Without Losing Your Dignity or Self-Respect

​Whether you want to leave, heal or make peace.

Dear Narcissist Survivor,

​Have you ever walked away from a Narcissist, but got pulled back into their drama again?​

​Did you ​fall in love with ​your Soulmate, ​until you figured out that they were a Narcissist?

​Yah. That's how it works. And it's a very hard place to be.

​But, here's the cool thing.

​You're not alone anymore - You will NOT be trapped in a Narcissist relationship ever again - and you are NOT hopeless. Or stupid. Or damaged goods.

As nutty as that sounds, you have everything you need inside you, that, with a little support, will let you grow past ​the abuse.

​I'm Rita Hickman, ​a Narcissism survivor and coach. And I’ve helped hundreds of women ​in my private coaching and shiatsu practice create a really nice life after Narcissism.

Smart, successful women who thought their life was worthless after ​living with a Narcissist even for just a few years.

​Creative and empathic nurses and bankers, yoga instructors and doctors.

​High school teachers, grade school teachers, massage therapists, world travelers.

​These creative, funny women got their confidence and self esteem back, AND learned ​how to create healthy relationships and leave, if that's what it takes.

Even when it was their mother, their boss, their husband or their daughter.

Before we talk about how to stop YOUR abuse,​ first, it's important for you to understand how you got here, trapped in a Narcissistic relationship, in the first place.

​Do any of these sound sound like you?...

​6 reasons women get trapped in Narcissist relationships

  • ​After years of gaslighting and verbal abuse - from extreme rages, to full-frontal "love bombing" - even after going “No Contact” - you're too tired to fight anymore.
  • ​You've convinced yourself, with the Narcissist's help, that the abuse is your fault. If you could only be smarter or listen better. Maybe you're "too selfish" or you have a temper. ​In the world we live in, people tell you, you deserve what you get, because you stayed. Some family or friends and mentors, will even say it's your duty to stay.
  • ​Your rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, vertigo, afibrillation, lyme’s disease, Epstein Barr Virus, chronic pain… has blown up because of the stress. ​You just can't get a break.
  • ​You're ashamed of being a victim. Maybe you reached out to your family, or a counselor, and they all agreed with the Narcissist, "It's all your fault". Or you're too sensitive. Or should look on the bright side. Or count your blessings.
  • ​Your life is controlled by constant, never-ending anxiety - yours' and the Narcissist's. You're anxious and depressed all at the same time. You're self-medicating - in a random state of panic - 5 steps behind the 8 ball - and ​have nothing left to create a better future for yourself...or your kids. Or your grandkids.
  • ​You've got a good reason to make it work. Maybe it's money. Or security. Maybe you have a daughter. Maybe you don't have anywhere to go.  You don't have a job. The Narcissist is your mother. ​Or you're very wisely anxious about how the Narcissist's would react if you left. Sometimes, it's easier to stay.

​But at the end of the day, the Narcissists turn smart - funny - empathic - compassionate women - into trapped - scared - helpless - weak - frustrated - angry - alone little girls. Stuck- always giving in and always taking it.

But there really is a way out...

​I'm a woman who's been trapped in Narcissist relationships - I really get the anger and emotional violence a Narcissist uses to be in control.

​When you eventually hit your limit, like I did, you learn the skills you need to stand up for yourself and the insight to stop the abuse.

​And if you're strong enough to reach out, you can find a group of loving women who know how lonely and hard it is to change after you've been brainwashed by a Narcissist. 

​If you look, you also find the support and deep wisdom only women who've suffered understand. ​Women share their power so you can stay strong and make good choices.

​Kind women who are looking out for you to stop you from losing any more dignity or self-respect.

I'm Rita Hickman and I've been helping women heal from Narcissist abuse for over 12 years now.

As a Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Educator, Asian Medicine Practitioner, Shamanic Healer, Body/Mind Expert and Narcissist survivor and Coach, I've helped hundreds of women ​take their lives back from a Narcissist.

In my private practice, women reconnect to a higher vision of themselves and heal their stress crippled bodies. From this firm foundation, women step into their power and thrive.

​And over the years, I've become a teeny-bit obsessive about researching and checking in with my successful clients, spiritual mentors, energy workers, aromatherapists, astrologers, medical doctors, psychics, coaches, psychotherapists and dozens of other women healers to answer the question:

“What are the most effective, empowering ​ways to help other women walk away from a Narcissist’s abuse?”

This is what they all said:

"​It needs to be something that gives women enough strength and insight ​to stop the Narcissist abuse forever - and take back her self-respect and ​self worth."

​So we pulled together the most important pieces that together, create a warm, safe place for a woman to take her life back from a Narcissist:

  • 1
    Connect every woman to a loving community of other women who understand Narcissism as well as, if not better, than she does. The Narcissist handbook says to isolate a victim so they feel alone and trapped. ​The antidote to this manipulative behavior is CONNECTION and HOPE. T​hat's why I create livestream videos 5 days a week on topics from "Narcissist Mothers" to "Meditations to stay calm in an argument". This is where you chat with other women and learn new skills in a positive community every day. ​It's mental training to become a healthier you.
  • 2
    Give every woman a safe place to discover who she is and what she really wants in life. After all, years of Narcissist abuse stifles a woman's voice until she's too afraid to share her thoughts and dreams with anybody. Rightfully so, she's worried that her words might get back to the Narcissist. We change that by meeting together in a private video call we call a Sacred Talking Circle. Everyone shares the good things and the bad things of the week. Without judgement. You find your spark again in the presence of loving, kind women in a spiritual, not religious, setting.
  • 3
    ​Encourage every woman to build healthy confidence around relationships. Self-doubt is one of the most insidious tools of a Narcissist. ​We reverse that by experiencing safe and compassionate relationships with other women. Learning to navigate healthy relationships ​gives you the self-esteem to find and create other healthy relationships​. ​We have a safe and compassionate online Facebook group just for this reason. A private group of women friends where a woman can learn to trust herself and other women again.
  • 4
    ​Help her build a better future. Narcissist abuse tricks women into thinking there is no hope. The anxiety and depression lead to health problems which make it even harder to see a brighter future. So every month we come together and create a 30 day plan for every woman who wants it. Together, as a powerful community of successful women, we map out 2-4 easy, concrete steps for every woman to ​stop the abuse and live a happier life. These planning sessions are called Masterminds and they use the power of a village to ​break out of the mental patterns and habits that keep her trapped.
  • 5
    ​Trusted advice on the best ways to relax and heal from a Narcissist. Most women were taught to put other people first and Narcissists capitalize on it. Maybe self-sacrifice kept you safe when you were small - but eventually, every woman breaks down from Narcissist abuse. ​We use nature, herbal medicines, meditation, crystals, essential oils, astrology, chakras, Asian Medicine, shamanism, and other natural ways to heal and relax into the flow of life.
  • 6
    Support when Anxiety is on the porch, sitting in the swing, ​demanding tea and sticking around like a bad ex-boyfriend. You have big library of resources on Narcissist abuse, all searchable, that give you the training and inspiration when you need it most. Even on a Saturday, while stalling in the bathroom, at 2pm, Christmas Day. You always have love and guidance at your fingers when life is scary.

See, we healers know ​you​​​ need, loving support EVERY DAY to heal from a Narcissist’s abuse. ​We know what you need to thrive.

  • ​You need to find your voice and change how you speak, think and react to a Narcissist.
  • ​You need less stress.
  • ​Your body needs to get healthier and feel good.
  • ​You need loving, lifelong friends.
  • ​You need your true calling and purpose.
  • ​You need to forgive yourself.
  • ​You need to detach from a Narcissist.
  • And you need to open your heart again.

When you make these changes ​and walk away from a Narcissist’s abuse, you also give other women the strength to walk away from THEIR Narcissist. ​In your personal, unique way, when you heal, you help other people heal. Whether you stay in the relationship or whether you go.

When I work with my 1:1 clients, we take a deep look at their personal relationships and overall health. Not only finding the problems but fixing the cause. But it's usually a big investment and commitment to work with me privately ​(my coaching with bodywork packages are $5,000/year)

​That’s why I created a simpler way for you to tap into my decades of experience, knowledge, and insights, and discover exactly how to make YOUR healing journey one that works for YOU!

I’d like to personally invite you to join our world-class, woman exclusive

Narcissist Recovery Group Coaching Program

We’ve put together a nurturing and life changing village of woman who refuse to live in the past (or the shadows) of Narcissist abuse ever again.

You've heard the saying:

It's true.

And not one woman changes their toxic situation by themselves either. She needs a village.


That’s why loving, intelligent support is the most important part of healing from a Narcissist.


And that's why we ​pulled together our Narcissist Recovery Group Coaching program, by women, for women.


So let's go through and I'll explain step by step how it works:

Weekly Training

You Wake Up Every Day to Heart Expanding Livestreams

Every morning starts with a good vibe. ​Like daily meditation, a touchpoint to stay on the right track. ​The livestreams show up in your Youtube or Facebook feed M-F at 7:30 am CST. Or, catch up later by watching the replay.

  • Mind/body techniques that help you relax, instead of react, to a Narcissist's drama.
  • Specific word-for-word phrases that ​redirect the energy BEFORE you're attacked.
  • What to look for when meeting new friends, finding a new job or a choosing a new partner.

These daily live videos magically appear in your YouTube or Facebook feed first thing in the morning. Like a good breakfast, inspiring, friendly connection creates good energy for the day. It’s daily nourishment for your mind, heart and soul.

Weekly Sacred Women Circle

You Get Even More Support Every Week with Live Narcissist Recovery Training... 

Sitting cozy every week in your favorite chair and sacred space, you are part of live trainings ​that explore topics like: 

  • Practical ways to connect your mind, heart and body. When your whole system works together, you get smarter and stronger every day. We talk about how to use ​Asian Medicine, Spirituality and Shamanic traditions to dial down​ your rage, depression and anxiety ​from a Narcissist
  • Simple boundaries that make big changes in how Narcissists and other toxic people treat you. They’re easier than you think - and the most effective tool in your toolbox.
  • Daily habits that rebuild your confidence and self-esteem
  • Mindsets that attract and create healthy relationships
  • Strategies to raise healthy children when co-parenting with a Narcissist
  • and more...

You learn the exact skills you need to take back your power and feel like a confident, successful woman - even if it's been a long time since you've been authentically happy.


Best of all, you'll get the exact step-by-step instructions on how to turn your relationships around.

These Sacred Circles of women ​help you take big, important (and sometimes scary) steps in your life.


You join in from your computer or smartphone, or if it works better for you, you dial in using your phone and simply listen. It's that easy.

If you don't​ have time for the live call, it's not a problem. They are all recorded and available to you in our library after each weekly call.

Monthly Private Masterminds

You Get a Weekly Sacred Talking Circle, With Women Just Like You 

Each week, after the short training, you join a Sacred Circle of Women where you ​​share ​​​your Narcissist Recovery Journey with smart women who care about you and don't judge.


These successful, creative women also share their knowledge ​about healing from a Narcissist's abuse and building the skills to handle the Narcissist in your life, and any toxic person you're entangled with.


Plus - and this is a big plus - you hear from these same women, plus my healer guests and friends, about life before, during and after a Narcissist. The questions they're struggling with and the insightful (and concrete) answers from me, your super cool village of women, and Spirit.


I can't over-emphasize how valuable this piece is…It’s so important for you to know you aren't the only one who ​feels trapped and manipulated by a Narcissist. 

These Sacred Circles keep you grounded enough to recognize, in your bones, once and for all, that you're not alone and you're not the crazy one… this village raises every single woman up, including you.

You Take Concrete Steps With Monthly Private Masterminds 

There’s nothing like private time, where you can ask any question, and get advice from experts who’ve been in your shoes.

When you add the accumulated wisdom of women who are on your side, you have a Mastermind.

To be specific, when one or more women come together to listen to and help solve each other’s problems, we call it a Mastermind. The solutions are awe-inspiring and life-changing.

You don’t guess what to do next or how to get it done, because every month you get 45 minutes or more deep diving into your healing journey. We look at where you’re at, where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. With the help of the Mastermind. 

Having a plan, friends and a coach to hold you accountable means you’ll get things done now instead of waiting until you’re officially too sick and too broken by the Narcissist to care about yourself anymore.

Guided by Rita Hickman

You Join Our Private ”Recovering From Narcissism” Woman Only Facebook Group…

Like a magic wand, you stumble into an automatic community of kind, loving friends - women just like you.

We really understand how powerful connecting with other women is.

So you have unlimited access to a private, members only Facebook ​Village of Women healing from Narcissism.

This is where have personal access to me and other healers and where you get plenty of opportunity to bond with a village of women who are smart, successful, funny, kind and compassionate...just like you.

You Are Guided By A One-of-a-kind Expert With 12+ Years Of Experience Successfully Helping Women Cope With and Break Free From Narcissistic and Toxic Relationships… And Most Of All… Heal From Their Emotional Abuse

This was one of the most life-changing pieces of the puzzle we had to solve when putting together this program....

How to help women like you feel comfortable (and safe) enough to open up their hearts and start healing. So here’s what I bring to the table: 

  • A 12+ year body/mind therapy practice helping women just like you, living with and healing from Narcissist relationships. I know what I’m doing and do it well. And if I don’t have an answer, we find an answer together.
  • Decades of first hand experience living with, healing from and even transforming several Narcissistic and toxic relationships in my own life. I am always doing my own inner work to thrive and evolve and have my own coach, psychologist, spiritual mentor, metaphysical chiropractor and more in my personal tribe. They keep me healthy and present.
  • An insightful, compassionate, strong beacon of light when you feel out of control, hopeless and helpless. I believe community, self-care and self-respect are the cornerstones of healing from Narcissist abuse.

And that's exactly who I am. 

Rita Hickman
Rita Hickman

And I want to assure you, this is the help you’ve been looking for. I have 12 years of experience and run a thriving private practice helping women heal from narcissistic abuse as well as PTSD from childhood sexual and physical abuse, alcoholism and other trauma.

Here's what just a few of my clients say about the work we do together:


Heartfelt gratitude for you creating a space where clarity, guidance is offered to many... your posts are daily nurturing vitamins and tools in my toolbox of how to be grounded and be able to respond and not to react to life situations....and exciting part is that I feel it in my heart that I am on my life journey in a space of getting to know myself for the first time and learning to be available to myself...gently, kindly, patiently nurturing way being present with myself.
Thank you Rita, you are making difference in lives of many.

/ Bibiana


Learning about this was amazing. I couldn’t put it into words to even try to explain what was going on. I didn’t know myself. I was at a loss. It feels amazing to get some knowledge. I had lost hope and was expecting to live my life out until my demise. I had become so distraught I told my daughter I couldn’t take any more.
She told me I needed to redo my living room and move in there to have my own space. My husband dominated the tv in the family room. I physically was not able to make the move myself. She came and painted and redid my living room. I got all new furniture, curtains and carpet and my very own tv. I think I can make it now
P.S. I payed for it all my self lol.

/ Marjorie


Thank you everyone for an outstanding group last night.
Rita, you don’t know this, but I actually have terrible fear of speaking in groups online or conference calls and the like. Calling on me to speak was actually the best thing you could have done. I found that being put “on the spot” actually didn’t kill me. Lol! I started to get comfortable with it by the end of the call, and I actually could have talked more, but I wanted to give the others a chance to speak. Thank you again. God bless you.

/ Catherine


Thank you! I really do feel a deeper understanding. Between you and Eckhart Tolle's explanation of the "pain body " the information and understanding is so changing! Thank you and Thank you for noticing my path. <3 wow!

/ Chanel

You get your questions answered, learn practical, hands on tools from Asian Medicine, Shamanic healing, Body/Mind Science (think, digestive system, subconscious, nervous system, immune system, heart brain, biology of emotions and managing chronic pain). You are introduced to thousands year old spiritual and metaphysical traditions that work and are fast, beautiful and easy.

- In my personal and business healing practice, I work with essential oils, energy work, Native American healing modalities, nutrition, meditation, visualization, crystals, sound healing, drumming and much more... every day.

We stand on the shoulders of generations of women healers and teachers, and share the treasures of sage advice and practical guidance. I’m confident you'll love the easygoing and gently eccentric energy of this village. Even with a few permanent Narcissists in my own life.  

Question and Answer Live Call Schedule

The calls last about 75 minutes and will happen each week on Tuesdays at the same time.

If you want to ask questions or just watch and listen, it's completely up to you. You're in control.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I can't make a call?

What if I miss a call?

What if I need help right now and don't want to wait for the next call?

Do I have to talk on the calls?

How Much Would Getting This Handled For Good Be Worth To You?

With the 4 6 different moving parts in the program -  daily inspiration and information about Narcissists, weekly video trainings, weekly Q&A Sacred Talking Circles, Monthly Masterminds just for you, a private Facebook village, and live one on one access to our world-class cutting edge, mind/body tools - obviously you'd expect such a cool coaching program cost more than a self-help eBook.

So let's breakdown the value you'll get:



Daily Narcissist Recovery Tools and Inspiration


Weekly training around surviving Narcissism


Weekly Sacred Women’s Circles


Monthly Masterminds


Email support between calls


Around the clock access to the private Facebook group


Total value


Even though it's worth that much - actually, a lot more, I didn’t want to charge that.

Women recovering from a Narcissistic are already at the end of their rope. The world needs all of us smart, compassionate, successful women to rise up and take back our power.

So, the Narcissist Recovery Coaching Program isn’t free, after all, we need an exchange of energy for real healing to take place, however, it’s VERY affordable. It's the most comprehensive and supportive program I know of anywhere for breaking free of a Narcissist's hold - You can start right now, today, for $50/$75/$100 (depends on the page). You decide month to month if the program is working for you.

for only $100/month

However, as you know, deep transformation takes longer than a month and needs a stability and constancy that weathers good times and bad times. A healing village needs core members who are invested in themselves and each other. So… to make that super easy and affordable for you to transform your whole life and help other women grow too…

The first 40 Founders of our village only pay $275/$425/$500 for the whole year.

Yep. The whole year. Can you imagine what 2020 looks like when you’ve got the support and love that a Narcissist promised? And this time, it’s not a storybook fantasy. it’s real and forever.


You finally know how to get love and respect and consciously create it every day, in every relationship, for the rest of your life.

Instead of 1 payment of $50/$75/$100 right now, I’m inviting you to stumble into all the compassionate support you deserve, an entire 12 months, every single day in 2020, for $275/$425/$500.

You may also get this program for

only $500 for 6 months

For less than the cost of one weekend retreat, you have around the clock support, weekly question and answer sessions, weekly Sacred Women’s Circles, monthly Masterminds, hundreds of recorded and easy to search Narcissist recovery livestreams, and meaningful friendships with other smart, successful women also healing from Narcissist or toxic relationships. 

Successful women doctors and artists, engineers and world travelers, writers, designers… intelligent, emphatic and compassionate women who found themselves tied to a Narcissist and chose to come home to their village of strong, compassionate women instead of quietly self-destructing by themselves.

a 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the whole program. Watch all the videos and listen to the calls. Join the private Facebook Village group. And if you decide this isn’t the right fit for you… if you don’t find healing and connection and compassion at a very high level...

... I'll give you a full 100% refund. Yes, I’ll give you all of your money back even after you’ve sat with these beautiful women. Just let us know within 60 days.

That's how confident I am you'll find this program to be enriching and meaningful beyond words.

I know some women would be tempted to take advantage of our guarantee and ask for their money back even after they saw growth and change and peace blossom in their lives. And that’s ok, we are all on our own path.

But again, I’m pretty confident you'll finally feel at home and so I’m willing to take the risk.

Just Click The "Yes! I Want To Come Home" Button Bellow...

Once you click the button, just enter your information on the next page. It's as simple as that.

You'll get an email in 5 minutes with all the details about the weekly calls, the private Facebook group, etc.

You can even jump in right away and watch the previous past Sacred Talking Circles and training videos.

This is the most loving, customized program available anywhere to handle narcissists and their abuse. And we hope you join us - the next call is happening soon.

Click the "Yes, I Want To Come Home" button below and get this one-of-a-kind healing program. for just

$100/month or

$500 for 6 months

Get Instant Access. Available 24/7

PS: (Remember, with my guarantee you've got nothing to lose. You can always get your money back if you're unhappy for any reason. If you feel it's right for you, go ahead and click the "Yes, I Want To Come Home" button above to join us.)

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