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It’s a new day. Senses tingling, right on the cusp of something big. I know it. Something amazing. The new book from Wayne Dyer might help. And everyone has been buzzing about it. But why can’t I seem to break through to the visions they describe? Happiness, bliss, joy…is it all just a fantastical dream? My intuition just lacks information! And support would be nice too!
Tools for Transformation is a monthly program to take your life to a new level of happiness and success. You strip away the layers of anxiety, anger, isolation, frustration. You untangle the knots of your hidden beliefs, negative memories and emotional triggers. What’s on the other side of your walls and boxes? A rich, luxurious life!!!!
Lyn Drathring is a reiki master, tai chi instructor, qi gong instructor and women’s circle facilitator. She works with energy and has experience working with chronic illness, breaking unhealthy communication patterns, relationship issues and spiritual journeying.
Rev. Anne Schmitt is an ordained minister who works in the spiritual realm with metaphysics, Law of Attraction and hypnosis. She specializes in Mindful Ascension.
And I, Rita Hickman, am a shiatsu massage therapist and founder of Duval Healing Therapy. I specialize in panic, anxiety, childhood based ptsd and paradigm shifts related to emotional/physical pain or business success.

When I was 30, I knew I needed to change my life. On the outside, I looked good. I ran a nature center, what a cushy job I thought. I had a bachelors and a masters degree in Elementary Education and Recreation. I was newly married. I had a beautiful new home. I had everything I thought I wanted and needed. But on the inside, I was oversensitive, high strung and my stress showed up as chronic headaches and stomach problems. I was worn out. I had been to counseling and it didn’t do everything I wanted it to. I had done Al-Anon and Coda. They didn’t fit. I tried a few different churches but I’m an introvert. I even tried going back to my Catholic roots and felt like a hypocrite. I was having a difficult time with stress and it’s side effects.

I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with IBS and prescribed me medication. Which I didn’t take for very long because of the side effects. I went to therapy and talked about my past. I looked to my family and they loved me but couldn’t help me. I had to figure out how to help myself feel less anxious and stressed or I knew I would feel worse and worse. I ALSO knew no one could tell me how to feel better. I had to learn myself how to calm down, self-soothe, reframe my thoughts, keep my anxiety and worry in check and look towards a bright future. No one else could help me feel better.

It was in that moment, my life started to change. Spirit took a hand and I started to meet people who had struggled with the same things I had, only they had made it to the other side. They were compassionate, kind, knowledgeable and wise. It took me on a journey into spirituality, ritual, massage therapy, Asian Medicine and learning how to have friends. I am an entirely different person. The one thing I wished through it all was that someone had shared the tools I NOW know, with me sooner. I wasted so much time figuring it out on my own. So, Anne, Lyn and I started Tools For Transformation. Anne and Lyn have their own stories and they will share them as well in upcoming messages. But YOU can become your greatest self too. You can continue to evolve and grow.

So if this intrigues you, if you’d like to start changing how you live your life because you feel sick, a little sad, a little disconnected and want the beautiful life that you deserve, then scroll down, choose how many months you’d like to attend. You are then sent to paypal and once you put in your credit card information, you don’t need a paypal account, and you are on the path to an amazing 2017! We hope you can join us.

We also have a complete, money back guarantee. If for any reason the program doesn’t fit your needs, we will gladly refund your money and give you a credit towards a shiatsu massage with Rita.

Our April Meetings Are:

Wed. April 12: 6:30-8:30 pm

We’ll begin by going deep inside your body~mind. Finding the gentle secrets you protect yourself from.

Then an soothing detoxification to move the chemical cocktails of anger and pain out of your gentle, absorbent tissues.

And last, a sacred fire to open your heart to the jigsaw pieces of your past that you can now see with compassion.

And forgive with true understanding.


Sat. April 22 9:30-11:30 am

It’s time to embrace your memories like a lover with a friend worthy of your secrets. To caress the razor sharp edges hurt and the smooth corners of wisdom’s smile.  You will calmly surrender to the surreal realm of paradigm shift and turn your misunderstandings into life long forgiveness.

The Tools For Transformation program includes:

* Inner peace, healed relationships, new adventures
* Emotional intimacy, a compassionate and heart centered community of women, Mentoring from powerful, successful women
* Personal success, genuine happiness, deeper spiritual connection
* 2- 2 1/2 hour workshops/month with different personal growth topics led by Lyn Drathring, Reiki Master/Tai Chi Instructor/Qi-gong Instructor, Rita Hickman, LMT and Body/Mind specialist and Rev. Anne Schmitt, Metaphysical teacher, Minister, and Certified Hypnotheraphist.
* 1 Spiritual Counseling Session
* 4 sessions/month of Shiatsu or Duval @50% off w/ audio recording
* 4 sessions of reiki/month @ 20% off
* 4 sessions of hypnosis @ 20% off w/ audio recording
* Monthly online transformation exercises
* Monthly Check In Calls
* Weekly email inspirations
* Monthly training videos
* Mastermind Group Membership
* Private chat room and support group
* Discounted Self-Hypnosis Class
* Monthly live meditation with Rev Ann
* Monthly Group Reiki Distance Healing Circle w/ Lyn
* Discounted Specialty Tracks for Reiki Certification, Duval Healing Therapy Certification and/or Spiritual Growth that start in January
* A value of $10,000 for the entire 9 mo program
* Personal Transformation- Priceless
5 mo, in full $545 ($109/mo)
5 mo, monthly payments $119/mo
3 mo, in full $387 ($129/mo)
3 mo monthly payment $139/mo
1 month $149
Bring a friend: $10/mo off of both
You walk the walk. You are known. You are us. You will transform your life. You have HELP to transform your life. You don’t have to be smart enough, strong enough or good enough. You are already enough and you can use it to achieve your dreams.
Don’t forget we have a money back guarantee PLUS! If for any reason this isn’t  your cup of tea, we will refund your money and give you a 50% discount on a shiatsu session with Rita. No strings attached. So choose how many months you’d like to attend, fill out your credit card info and start living a life that leaves you feeling happy, healthy and whole.

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