Rita Hickman, LMT, MA, BS,

Do You Want To Lay In Bed Or Do You Want To Change The World?

Right this moment, I own a cool cultural arts center, I run a rewarding massage therapy practice that helps heal childhood ptsd from sex or physical abuse, alcoholism, trauma etc. It’s so perfect for me.

It wasn’t always like this. I wished it had been. But, then I wouldn’t be good at what I do. I’ve been through the trenches and now help other people avoid my mistakes.

When I turned 30, I had everything I wanted. I married my college sweetheart. I ran a Nature Center full time. I lived in pretty woods, way north of Chicago. I was “living my dream”.

But there was a big problem. I woke up angry and miserable every single morning. I had been for years. My poor husband laid at my feet and wished me good morning. I wanted to hide under the covers and growl.

Most days, didn’t feel better until noon. I slept as much as possible. I saw my family (who lived an hour away) on holidays. And…that was uncomfortable. I was lonely and didn’t have close friends. I had an ice pick shoved behind my left shoulder blade. I had headaches. I didn’t eat because I felt sick. So sick that most mornings were on and over the toilet.

So what changed? I looked at the rest of my life and thought, “I’m killing myself. I have to figure this out”. Doctors didn’t help, they gave me drugs that made me sicker. I failed at self-help books. Counseling felt like a merry-go-round. Every guru missed the most important piece. Getting my basic needs met.

You need water. You need nutritious food. You need emotional intimacy. You need movement. You need fun. You need safety. You need touch. You need someone who knows what they’re talking about and isn’t just making stuff up.

It’s not rocket science. But no one was talking about basic health and how it makes us feel. No one was talking about body memories and the nervous system. Or how the body is intelligent. Or the connection between emotions and drinking water. Or how we aren’t trapped by our past. How we keep growing into our 90’s and even further. And how the sky is the limit as long as you believe the answer is out there.

So after decades of studying ancient healing methods including Asian, Oneida, Ojibway and Columbian Medicine, rewiring my very painful childhood and using myself as a guinea pig, I know how to make a great life. And I’ve got hundreds of clients that agree. You can see them on the testimonials page.

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