Rumi-Nations- Daniel King

Daniel King is a non-traditional poet who hails from the East Coast. With his roots in 1970’s New York City, Daniel witnessed the beginning of the stripped down, punk rock movement: pure creativity without all the flairs and artifice. His journey has taken him through a big Italian family, the railroads, early loss, inner darkness, finding his way again and passing his wisdom forward.

Looking further than expected.

Looking further than expected.

Out of all his experiences, he grasped the dramatic spectrum of what it means to love and live completely. He has traveled a long road to get to Crystal Lake, IL- physically and emotionally.

A fan of never repeating, Daniel intuitively taps raw emotion when he writes. His words reflect true understanding of love at it’s finest as they magically come together in the space of a heartbeat. He does little editing, not much polish.

Instead, his poetry reflects the deepest chords of love in a specific moment in time- the magic, wonder, heartache and despair. A modern day Rumi, these glimpses into his inner world resonate with our most primal and private emotions.

Daniel writes for everyone. Influenced by the likes of Lou Reed, Patti Smith and Nick Cave, he leaves his work open to interpretation, clean, clear and raw like his journey as a young man through the streets of New York. He tells our story in the most beautiful and wrenching ways. Sometimes accompanied by a deep, droning bass overlaid with dreamy riffs, Daniel channels the best, most hopeful and most painful in all of us. I’d like to introduce you to Daniel King’s Rumi-Nations.