Love yourself.Body/Mind Coaching Specials

Ends Sept. 30! If you’re a woman ready to grow into a joyful, new reality, no matter your past, Body~Mind Coaching is for you! Really, it works. Dissolve your triggers, evolve and be fearlessly alive.

Based on Duval Healing Therapy, you go to the heart of your challenge by relaxing, releasing, re-framing and re-imagining. We work past the psychoanalyzing into real life emotions and practical tools for transformation. Only for women, and we specialize in rewiring anxiety, panic, childhood based ptsd and challenges stemming from past trauma. Call 815-245-9673 or email rhickman@inspiremassage.com. If you want to find your passion and joy and integrate your thoughts, feelings and emotions, you should schedule an appt.

Coaching Specials
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Find someone to walk with.Party at InSpire!

Everyone likes to have fun adventures with their friends. Including you. And, everyone loves to help their friends feel better, get better and be better. This is your chance to help yourself, help them and have a very fun and zen time together. Bring a bottle of wine if you’d like, or we can have tea together, and chat. Then you each get your highly customized body or energy work that balances your chakras, meridians, body, emotions and spirit. What could be more fun!

New and existing clients are welcome. It is separate from your package. And we can make a half day of it.

So, if you need some good body/energy work and want to try out Shiatsu  or Duval Healing Therapy, or vice versa then now is the time. About an hour and a half for each. You know you want one.

$100 for two 60+ minute body/energy work sessions and one 60+ min pair wellness coaching. Good for 6 months. Fully Satisfied Money Back Guarantee. The special expires the last day of September 2016. Women only. One glass of wine suggested so as not to interfere with the work.