“Well, you don’t know what….We can find….Why don’t you come with me little girl….On a magic carpet ride.”

In holistic healing, every experience is a personal and private experience of the self. Our subjective experiences differ from person to person and moment to moment. And there are as many names for healing as there are cultures and as many descriptions as there are people. At InSpire, we use the word “love” to explain what we do. We love people. Love is bigger than emotion and to us, simply means the mystery of life. We describe living in harmony with our body, mind, spirit, community and world, “living in a natural way”.  And “healing” expresses our journey towards health, wholeness and harmony.

At one time, our ancestors lived naturally.  They used hard won understanding of holistic medicine to survive harsh reality.  They developed therapies like bodywork, rituals, stories and herbalism to stay healthy and live “in love”. Living healthy and in love, to them, meant a deeper understanding and acceptance of all the parts and pieces of YOU.

Both health and sickness come naturally through ordinary and extraordinary, wonderful and painful, experiences. When we reject them, we move away from health whereas when we look at the world “in love” (the great mystery), we live in balance. We still have ordinary and extraordinary, wonderful and painful experiences; however, we choose to focus on and nurture well-being and good health. At times, we must walk through the hard emotions first.

Western medicine affirms the body/mind relationship, roots of the ancient healing traditions used at InSpire: touch, movement, music, dialogue, connection, plant medicines, symbols…  Massage in particular, relieves stress, increases circulation and releases endorphins.  Like more modern medicines, massage communicates directly with the body/mind to minimize symptoms and support healing. Shiatsu, specifically, significantly reduces doctor and hospital visits over time, symptom severity, the need for conventional medication, their side effects while improving muscle performance, bone health, range of motion, stress and depression.

If you’re thinking we’re only a new age, hippy movement, think again. InSpire is very different, we speak to the whole self in a relaxed and natural way. Laughter and cursing are as frequent as incense and sitars.