What is Duval Healing Therapy?

Live Balanced.

Live Balanced.

Duval Healing Therapy- Experiential Life Coaching

I’ve struggled with inner demons all of my life. I’ve done the work, seen the therapists, gotten energy work done….and things still pop up. Eating disorders, physical ailments, relationship patterns, bad habits. If there was just a way to avoid repeating my mistakes over and over for the “life lesson”.

I’ve been there. I’ve done that. And there is.

Duval Healing Therapy is subtle energy based life coaching, blending Asian, Indian and Indigenous traditions to heal the body/mind. Before Western Medicine, healers worked with the subconscious and nervous system to fix the mind and body. Changes in our patterns, ways of thinking and energy created overall life healing and pain relief. Over the last 10 years, scientists have discovered how and what our body communicates; validating these ancient healing practices.

Every session starts by getting comfortable and building rapport: mentoring. Next, we customize the aromatherapy and music to direct your mind/body. While you lie comfortably, the therapist uses visualization, word association, light touch, trance work, music and aromatherapy to relax and connect with your mind body to sooth past hurts and encourage new thought processes. Experiential life coaching.


Subtle Energy Therapy
Ancient cultures relate health and well-being to nature metaphors. These metaphors speak to our subconscious more effectively than words alone.

In some cultures, healers channel or embody these metaphors to affect balance. In other societies, they objectively manipulate them.

Either way, by tapping into the power of our mind/body, we manage pain, encourage holistic health and create vibrant lives.