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Shiatsu/Fijian Massage
Relax, energize, awaken. In this ancient and graceful Eastern/Western medicine, thumbs, palms, feet, elbows and knees massage and stretch while harmonizing your body’s energy system.  Yoga-like stretching and acupressure along your energy lines increases flexibility, relaxes muscles, balances chi (emotions, flow of fluids and life force) and enhances overall well-being. You immediately find relief from physical and emotional discomfort while aligning the body, mind and spirit, bringing you to a deeper state of awareness. Approx. 3 hrs. for a full session and 2 hours for a half session. …Click here for more info. on Shiatsu/Fijian Massage.

Find peace.

Stone Medicine
Re-join with the rhythms of the earth. Stone Medicine is hot and cold stone massage based on Native People’s healing practices. The therapist listens to the stones, letting the stone’s warmth and Mother Earth vibration bring you back to a more natural way of being. Appropriate for all beliefs, Stone Medicine may incorporate words, drumming and music to help you hear the still, small voice of your own inner knowing. A wonderful way to deeply, very deeply, relax and find guidance when you feel stuck. Approx. 2 hours. …Click here for more info. on Stone Medicine.

Live Balanced.

Live Balanced.

Duval Healing Therapy
Change your mind. Find Balance. Re-Connect. Duval Healing Therapy blends Asian, Indian and Indigenous energy medicines for reducing stress and promoting health. It is based on the idea that our health and life is influenced by our internal reality. This energy state relates to one of five elements found in Asian Medicine. When out of balance, we are more likely to become ill, feel pain or make poor decisions. Duval Healing Therapy gently focuses on parts of the body where seven chakras are located (head and spinal column) and can be used to treat a number of conditions. Approx. 2 hours. …Click here for more info. on Duval Healing Therapy.

All appointments include customized aromatherapy, music therapy, plant medicines, and Wellness Mentoring at no extra charge.

Within 1-7+ days afterwards, most notice increased a-ha moments, muscle performance, pain relief, flexibility, sleep, circulation, energy, and physical/emotional healing.  Customizable for most health conditions and life challenges both emotional and situational.