Top 10 Body/Mind Tools for Stressed Out Young Women would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being…Maya Angelou

All women have the dream of becoming someone great. If you’re a mature mother, daughter or partner, you probably look back on the things you wish you had learned, the support you wish you had received, the experiences you wish you had known while you were a developing into your current self. If you are like most of us, you have memories of heartbreak, failure, missed opportunities and emotional difficulties that were important, yes, and also impeded your greatness way too long. If you had just been shown ways to navigate being a human being more gracefully. Perhaps…

It’s so important for our growing daughters to learn how to manage moving into womanhood. Here are some of my top 10 body/mind techniques for young women. Please copy/paste, share them, pass them on to your favorite young woman.

10. Sit on the ground outside. The earth vibrates and so do you. If you sit on the ground, your body will slow down to the rhythm of the earth.

9. Calming herbs, foods, hydration and supplements…check with your doctor if you take prescription medications of any kind. Visit your local health food store or healthy section of your grocery store to find these. Chamomile, Valerian Root, GABA (my personal favorite), Kava Kava…if the tea or supplement says “calming” or “sleep” on the box, it’s a good call. And for anxiety, foods that help calm your stomach…peppermints (I like altoids), crystalized ginger, dried papaya and a glass of water in the morning (for morning anxiety) and a half hour before you eat to help digestion. Fiber helps a LOT too. Like oatmeal. No kidding? YES!! Quit stressing out your body and take better care of it. These more natural remedies will give you fewer negative side effects than any medication you can take and are often just as effective when used regularly.

8. Create a positive music playlist. You feel what you think so fill your mind with music that inspires you. You not only change your thoughts, but the rhythm calms your body (see #10). Try it first thing in the morning if you just can’t get out of bed.

7. Touch and be touched in a caring way. Shiatsu massage is one of my favorite ways, but you can also rest your hand lightly over your heart or abdomen, a quick foot or hand rub (the webbing between your fingers is nice), a little ear rub, gently rubbing your arm, petting an animal, giving a long hug…you get the picture.

6. Carry a body/mind toolkit. Like a small pouch filled with something fragrant like an essential oil you enjoy, something soft to touch (see #7), a beautiful color you love (perhaps a crystal or stone), something sweet and flavorful to eat (I like jelly bellies or peppermint altoids #9)  a memento of something positive, and whatever else makes you feel good when you’re anxious.

5. Epsom Salt Bath. It’s a miracle cure for everything from aches and pains, bloating, swelling and….emotional mellowing. Think Dead Sea and Magnesium.

4. Green smoothie in the morning. With greens powder or fruits/veggies, some kind of protein (yogurt is nice), a handful of walnuts, dried oatmeal and chia seeds. They even have chocolate flavors of greens powder. You’ll look cool. Trust me. Because you’re probably somewhat malnourished which is so stressful I can’t stress it enough.

3. Cut down on caffeine. Seriously. No joke. Do it now. Try some of the great calming teas instead. You can ice them too.

2. Walk, 30 minutes is best. Don’t argue with me 🙂 Get up and walk, pace, go in circles when life gets too much. It’s proven as the best “cure” for depression and anxiety. It’s so simple and effective it will make you mad you didn’t do it before.

1. And my very favorite, quick fix, never fails…Breathe deep, bear down as if you’re constipated and hold for 5 seconds. Do whenever anxiety strikes and repeat as many times as necessary. It has to do with the vagus nerve and the nervous system, really. No one will notice if you do it inconspicuously, really.