What is Stone Medicine?

Ancient tools for health.

Stone Medicine, also known as geothermal therapy, uses heated and chilled stones to more deeply relax and communicate with the nervous system. Our ancestors would gather smooth, weathered stones at the edges of lakes and rivers. In a respectful way, they would ask the Earth and leave offerings in order to use the stones. Most cultures considered the stone tribe part of their universal family with unique gifts to offer in their shape, color, texture, weight, and mineral content. Every stone has it’s own characteristics or medicine.

They would place the stones in the sun, hot or cold water, or fire. At the proper temperature, medicine people would place the stones in a sacred way on the body or in a type of sweat lodge ceremony, allowing the heat, cold, and personality of every stone to affect a person’s mind, body, or spirit in a healing way.

Time-honored medicines.

When an individual is out of balance physically, spiritually or emotionally they are not in harmony with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth, so a reconnection is imperative to restore well being. When the practitioner offers the Stone People to the body during a treatment session they are reestablishing this connection.

Stone medicine feels like a sacred, warm, nurturing massage. The human body is made up of the same minerals found in the Stone Tribe. With upwards of 70% of the body being water, there is a beautiful dance between the stones and the water used for warming them. This Geothermal Therapy treatment is enhanced by the ceremonial application process.

You can find more information at my mentor, Jenny Ray’s site, sacredstonemedicine.com