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​​Millions of Co-Dependent women stand up to Narcissists every day...

Without getting manipulated, feeling used or

being a B$@&$!

​Kathy ​is a successful, smart, funny real estate agent ​who married a Narcissist when she was 18  yrs old . She thought she was escaping her ​toxic family.

For over 30 years her life steadily got worse. She was gaslighted, ambushed, lied to and traumatized by her soon to be ex-Narcissist.​

After ​only 3 months of us working together, she will serve her divorce papers tonight. In 3 hours. ​And she knows she won't be manipulated, feel used or act like a B$@&$!

​Follow along as she gets emotionally centered for tonight's tough conversation.

After tonight, she plans on spending the next few decades laughing with her girlfriends, sharing candlelit dinners and reading trashy novels in the bath. Without a Narcissist's drama.

​​Close your eyes and pretend I'm ​coaching you as you follow along. ​Do all the movements and notice that you get grounded, think clearer and stand up for yourself in less than 60 seconds.

The process is so fast, it's possible to get calm in a quick trip to the bathroom or while doing laundry without making a Narcissist suspicious.

I'd love to hear how it worked for you. ​Just email me ​at and let me know what you discovered XOXO

Do you live with someone who ​goes out of their way to show the world what a great partner, mother, boss they are... then swears at you and threatens ​you every time you're trapped in a car with them?

​Do you ​walk on eggshells, making sure dinner is on time and the bills are paid, and still ​get blindsided by a Narcissist's selfish rage?

​Are you emotionally trapped in a Narcissist relationship ​or just walked away from one, ​and don't know what to do next?...

​Then you're in the right place.

Especially if you're living with a Narcissist, thinking about leaving or in the middle of a divorce with a Narcissist.

Maybe the Narcissist is your mother or your boss and you feel pressured to stay.

Is that where you are? Then ​you should know it's possible to walk away from a Narcissist without any regrets.

You don't deserve to be treated like you're a piece of garbage. And you don't have to ever again.

You've got to be pretty tired of that, aren't you?

So I've put together all my Narcissism Livestreams into a searchable video library. Including the video above, showing you the exact steps you need to take to calm down before serving your Narcissist Divorce Papers.

Every single one. And they are all geared towards getting you the support and information you need to walk away from a Narcissist forever.​

​​If you want hundreds of hours of free support and the latest science about Narcissism and how you can use it to walk away from a Narcissist, ​then please type in your email address at the bottom.

Once you hit send ​you'll get a free link and password to the growing video library (300+, 5 new ones a week) of positive and life changing ​live-streams about Narcissism.

​You can feel good about yourself again and get the concrete steps you should take to walk away from a Narcissist without regrets.

​You don’t have to watch every single video to find what you want because the whole library is searchable and transcribed. ​You just type in a phrase and get the exact video clips and text you're looking for in seconds, instead of hours.

​It's so much simpler than getting stuck in the black hole of TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Whether it’s Narcissistic Mothers at Easter, Essential Oils to Relax or Protection from Gaslighting, it's a big, easily searchable library of ​short, game changing Narcissism live-streams.

​There are new videos every day so ​they're alive and relevant​. Just like you. ​​And, if you ask a question, we’ll cover it in an upcoming live-stream. Just ask.

​OMG, right? Finally, ​a safe place to relax and get grounded, filled with good advice and good information when you feel really stuck. Even when you wake up at 2am on a Wednesday or when you're hiding in the bathroom on Christmas day. There is love and guidance to help you when life is really uncomfortable.

My mom grew up poor, but she said she never felt that way because she had a library card. So here is my gift to you, ​a free library to show you, and help you, take your life back from a Narcissist.

So, fill in your email below, log in to the site, search a few topics and start enjoying your life again.

Rita Hickman
Rita Hickman

​I'm a body/mind expert who helps women heal from, make peace with or walk away from Narcissist relationships... ​

​With dignity and self-respect...

Even if it's your family, your ex-husband, or your boss.

Here's what just a few of my clients say about the work we do together:


Heartfelt gratitude for you creating a space where clarity, guidance is offered to many... your posts are daily nurturing vitamins and tools in my toolbox of how to be grounded and be able to respond and not to react to life situations....and exciting part is that I feel it in my heart that I am on my life journey in a space of getting to know myself for the first time and learning to be available to myself...gently, kindly, patiently nurturing way being present with myself.
Thank you Rita, you are making difference in lives of many.

/ Bibiana


Learning about this was amazing. I couldn’t put it into words to even try to explain what was going on. I didn’t know myself. I was at a loss. It feels amazing to get some knowledge. I had lost hope and was expecting to live my life out until my demise. I had become so distraught I told my daughter I couldn’t take any more.
She told me I needed to redo my living room and move in there to have my own space. My husband dominated the tv in the family room. I physically was not able to make the move myself. She came and painted and redid my living room. I got all new furniture, curtains and carpet and my very own tv. I think I can make it now
P.S. I payed for it all my self lol.

/ Marjorie

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